Who Is Fraser Whiting?

I am a practicing artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Or at least I am practicing being an artist.

My work is a work-in-progress. Items, objects, and things appear as if they have been momentarily placed on shelves, walls, and plinths. White walled gallery spaces impose the contexts that these seemingly unconnected things all fall under the-tricky-to-define term of Art.

Drawing on the work of Joëlle Tuerlinckx and Haim Steinbach, my work is an inquiry into what it means to make a claim for making art and how processes and practices are articulated. I am looking to interrogate the ways in which creative work can be viewed, consumed, and considered. Jean-Paul Sartre claimed that a painting does not exist when it is not being observed. If this is so, then are my arrangements of objects still art when they are in the studio, and not being exhibited?

Questioning art’s role and my own activity is central to my enquiry.

I was told by a real artist that if my family struggle to understand the art I make then art school would like it. What about if I struggle to understand the art I make?