Current Work

GSofA 23052014
MDF Plinth, Danish Oil, Damar Varnish, Commercial Display Stand, Printed Text, Fire Blanket, Scissors
90 x 60 x 40 cm

Is it possible to run out of ideas?
Plasterboard, commercial display stand, mug, paint tube
31 x 60 x 120 cm

Install Image -

Visionary (left)
Valspar ‘Visionary’ Wall Paint
120 x 240 cm

Genius (left)
Mug, handmade shelf
18 x 15 x 9 cm

untitled (right)
Wall mounted display stand, Paint tubes, paint brushes, palete knives
25 x 24 x 4 cm

untitled (what do i paint when it has all been painted before?)
ink on crumpled paper
10 x 14 cm
Old Work

Tape, Cardboard packaging boxes.
Dimensions Variable

Tape Compositions 1-4
Digital Scanned Image

Untitled (painting compositions)
Tape, Plywood, Oil Paint
29 x 21 cm (each)

Older Work

Container Paintings -

A series of images which use a small plastic container as a ground to place, arrange, layer, stack, and overlap objects.

Created through an interest in arranging objects, and the satisfaction of organising and viewing ordered items.

The objects, although familiar, prompt the viewer to consider the relationship between one object and another through different groupings of colour, shape, and form.

Titled ‘paintings’ due to the idea that a painting could be viewed as a container or a field with a perimiter or edge in which items, forms, shapes, and brushstrokes are composed.

X-Ray Paintings -

Images of objects arranged on the bed of a digital scanner.

The background for these works are print outs of cropped paintings I’d previously painted the year before.

In the foreground objects are placed randomly. These act both as image and object because the scanner flattens them to the same pictorial plane. However, we still view them as objects, recognisable as things which exist outside the digital image.